Connecting with your body using Embodied Therapies

What are Embodied Therapies?

The mysteries of the soul are revealed in the movements of the body.
— Michelangelo

Embodied therapies essentially work to integrate and deepen your connection with all parts of you – Body, Mind, and Spirit.  These therapies allow your body time and space to be a part of the conversation.

Our bodies typically move at a slower pace then our minds so we can easily override or not listen to what our bodies are saying.

Embodied Therapies slow you down and allow you to take the time to notice body sensations, movements and breathing. What regions of your body are tight and constricted? What areas are more open and relaxed?

When you start to have an open dialogue with the body, when you see what your body is trying to say and what support and resources your body wants, you allow those constricted areas to come back into spaciousness and flow, and you bring more awareness and options into your present life.

The three therapies that I use in my practice are Somatic Experiencing, Biodynamic Craniosacral and Attachment Therapy (Pre and Perinatal Psychology). These therapies create a very safe and powerful container to support the nervous system and fluid systems in our body to release stress, trauma and early imprints.