Feel more comfortable and at home in your body and on the planet

Welcome to a world of healing options for health and embodiment. My intention is to support individuals, couples and families (including children and babies) by exploring and healing early emotional and physical patterns that may be keeping us from truly feeling connected to our bodies, others and the planet.

I offer an integrative approach to healing by supporting the health and resources that already exist in each person’s system. I want to support you in taking the time to embrace and allow all parts of your body, mind and spirit to come back into a place of balance and integration.

What you may experience when you work with me:

  • Understand and learn to move forward from overwhelming experiences
  • Have greater access to support and resources
  • Find your own pace and potency
  • Strengthen your sense of safety and calmness
  • Gently release and re-pattern past shock and trauma
  • Gain greater body awareness
  • Get the sense of being seen, heard and met on a deeper level
  • Experience better relationships and connections with self and others
  • Re-pattern and create healthy family dynamics
  • Nourish your bodies
  • Rebound from disappointment and loss
In Shannon’s capable hands, Somatic Therapy is incredibly effective. The work is powerful and for me, it has created huge shifts in deeply programmed patterns of behavior in a relatively short time.
— Susan

My Services to help your Mind, Body and Spirit...